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Publications on Jews and other Diaspora Peoples

Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Orgins, History, and Prospects for the Future (September 13, 2019).

Writing on Judaism from an Evolutionary Perspective

Books: I have written three books on Judaism within a modern evolutionary perspective. These books are in the Evolution, Behavior, and Intelligence series edited by Seymour W. Itzkoff and published by  Praeger Publishers, an imprint of the Greenwood Publishing Group. Praeger has gotten out of the business of publishing and distributing these books, but they are now available in paperback editions, each with a preface that updates the original and explores topics not in the original editions.


Cultural Insurrections, a collection of essays, is also available.


Articles on Jewish Issues and Western Culture.




The Culture of Critique                                       

The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements discusses Jewish involvement in various twentieth-century intellectual and political movements. Although Amazon and Barnes & Noble stopped distributing it in March, 2019 and late 2022 respectively, the paperback version may still be ordered from the publisher ($22.50), or from a variety of internet book stores, such as Books, Inc., but at a higher price. A Canadian distributor is Indigo. This book is a reprint of the 1998 version published by Praeger, along with an extended preface dealing with recent research related to the themes of the book.



 Preface to the First Paperback Edition of The Culture

of Critique; pdf version.


  Chapter 6, The Jewish Criticism of Gentile Culture: A Reprise:


  Chapter 7, Jewish Involvement in Shaping US Immigration Policy:


                                                    Chapter 8, Conclusion: Whither Judaism and the West:    




Separation and Its Discontents                                        

Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism provides a theory of anti-Semitism based on evolutionary psychology. This book was banned from Amazon (March, 2019) and Barnes & Nobel in late 2022, but the paperback can still be ordered from the publisher ($16.50), or from a variety of internet bookstores, such as Books, Inc., for a higher price. A Canadian distributor is Indigo. This book is a reprint of the 1998 version published by Praeger, but it also includes includes a new preface that summarizes recent research on psychological mechanisms of ethnic conflict.


Chapter 2, Themes of Anti-Semitism:

Chapter 3: Reactive Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman Empire:

Chapter 5, National Socialism as an Anti-Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy:

Chapter 8, Self-Deception as an Aspect of Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy:




A People That Shall Dwell Alone (with Diaspora Peoples)

A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples, discusses Judaism from the perspective of evolutionary biology. The paperback edition can be ordered for $32.95 from the publisher, iUniverse, and is also available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, in Canada at Indigo. This book is a reprint of the 1994 version published by Praeger, but it also includes a 82-page monograph titled Diaspora Peoples discussing other group strategies/diaspora groups, including the Gypsies, the Amish and Hutterites, the Puritans, and the Overseas Chinese.





Diaspora Peoples Preface:


Chapter 3, Evolutionary Aspects of the Tanakh:


Chapter 7, Judaism as an Ecological Strategy: Selection for Traits Related to Intelligence, High-Investment Parenting, and Social Cohesion:

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 Summaries and reviews of these books




Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism  The Occidental Press, 2008.                                 

Click here for ordering information.                     



Foreword by Virginia Abernethy


Jewish Influence

1. Background Traits for Jewish Activism

2. Stalin’s Willing Executioners

3. Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of the Jewish Community

4. Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement

5. Neoconservative Portraits

6. Jews, Blacks, and Race


7. Henry Ford and the Jewish Question

8. Enemies of My Enemy

Western Civilization

9. What Makes Western Culture Unique?

10. Psychology and White Ethnocentrism

11. Biological Roots of Ethnocentrism and Group Conflict

12. Immigration and Ethnic Interests

13. Was the 1924 Immigration Cut-Off “Racist"?

14. Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?

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Articles on Jewish Issues and Western Culture


My Dispute with Nathan Cofnas:

Version of "The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence" published in The Occidental Quarterly 22, no. 2 (Fall, 2022):3-52. (Includes a discussion of the retraction, etc.)


The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence. Philosophia (January 1, 2022).

Publication Notice in The Occidental Observer (January 1, 2022).


My Paper on Jewish Influence Blows Up (The Occidental Observer (January 4, 2022).

Response to the Second Set of Reviews (~March 18, 2022).

Second Set of Reviews (~March 7, 2022).

Springer Nature's Retraction Statement and My Response, The Occidental Observer, July 8, 2022.


Earlier Replies, from 2018:

First reply to Nathan Cofnas

Second Reply to Cofnas

Reply to Cofnas's Comments on Edward Dutton




Stalin's Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR. Review of Yuri Slezkine's The Jewish CenturyPrinceton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The Occidental Quarterly, 5(3), 65-100.

Stalin's Willing Executioners?, an abbreviated version of this review, was published on vdare, November 5, 2005.


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Was the 1924 Immigration Cut-off 'Racist'? VDARE (www.vdare.com), June 19, 2004.


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Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of Judaism. Occidental Quarterly, 3(3), Fall 2003: 15-44.

Heidi Does Long Beach: The SPLC vs. Academic Freedom. VDARE, November 14, 2006.



Why Are Professors Liberals? The Occidental Quarterly 10 (2010): 57-84.  


The Utter Normality Of Ethonationalism—Except For Whites VDARE, March 27, 2008.



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Why We Write. The Occidental Quarterly, 7(4), Winter, 2007-2008.


American Transcendentalism: An indigenous culture of critique. The Occidental Quarterly 8, 91-106, Summer, 2008.

The Church and anti-Semitism — again. The Occidental Observer, February 2, 2009



Enemies of My Enemy. Review of The 'Jewish Threat': Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army by Joseph W. Bendersky. New York: Basic Books, 2000, xvii + 539 pp. The Occidental Quarterly, 1(2), Winter 2001: 63-77.

Review of Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate by Neil Baldwin (New York: Public Affairs, 2001, 416 pp) and The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem, by Henry Ford (Dearborn, MI: Dearborn Independent, 1920-1921, 416 pp.). Part I: The Education of a Midwestern Industrialist. The Occidental Quarterly 2(3), Fall 2002: 69-77. Part II: Henry Ford and the Jewish Question. The Occidental Quarterly 2(4), Winter 2002/2003: 53-77.

Review of Darwinian Politics: The Evolutionary Origin of Freedom, by Paul H. Rubin. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2002. On the Rationality of Ethnic Conflict, The Occidental Quarterly 4(1), Spring 2004.

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Review of Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society, by David Sloan Wilson. University of Chicago Press. Human Ethology Bulletin, 18(1), March, 2003, 6-9.



     Foreword to Tomislav Sunic's Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age.

       Booksurge, 2007.



An Integrative Evolutionary Perspective on Ethnicity. This is part of the preface to the paperback edition of Separation and Its Discontents (1stbooks Library, 2004).

Indoctrination and Group Evolutionary Strategies. In I. Eibl-Eibesfeldt & F. Salter (Eds.), Ideology, Warfare, and Indoctrinability. Oxford and Providence: Berghahn Books, 1998.

Mitigating Risk in Jewish Groups. In F. Salter (Ed.) Risky Transactions, Kinship, and Ethnicity. Oxford and Providence: Berghahn Books, 2002.

Material on the controversy surrounding my testifying in the David Irving libel case

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