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Essays on Western Origins and Institutions from an Evolutionary Perspective

The Roman Variant of Indo-European Society: Militarization, Aritocratic Government and Openness to Conquered Peoples, review of  Gary Forsythe, A Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005), The Occidental Quarterly 17, no. 2 (Summer, 2017): 85-100.

The Antislavery Movement as an Expression of the Eighteenth-Century Affective Revolution in England: An Ethnic Hypothesis. In Michael Austin & Kathryn Stasio (Eds.), Reasoning Beasts: Evolution, Cognition and Culture in the Long Eighteenth Century. New York: AMS Press, 2017. 

The Indo-European Genetic and Cultural Legacy in Europe. The Occidental Quarterly 17, no. 1 (Spring, 2017): 3-33.

The Church in European History: Review of Larry Siedentop's Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Westerrn Liberalism, The Occidental Quarterly 16, no. 4 (Winter, 2016-2017), 92-114.

Video of a talk titled "Psychological Mechanisms of Western Dispossession," with an emphasis on Individualism, Sweden, April 18, 2015

Downloadable PowerPoint slide show accompanying this talk.


The High Mindedness of the British: Review of David Hackett Fischer's Fairness and Freedom: A History of Two Open Societies, New Zealand and the United States. The Occidental Quarterly 12 (3) Fall, 2012, 75-91.

The Origins of the Catholic Church as Reactive Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman  Empire: Chapter 3 of Separation and Its Discontents

Review of Ricardo Duchesne's The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. The Occidental Quarterly, 11(3), Fall, 2011

Why are Professors Liberals? — A Corroboration of The Culture of Critique. The Occidental Quarterly, 10(2), Summer 2010.

Libertarianism and White Racial Nationalism. The Occidental Quarterly, 10(4), Spring, 2011

       Psychology and White Ethnocentrism. The Occidental Quarterly, 6(4), Winter, 2006-07, 7-46.

What Makes Western Culture Unique? The Occidental Quarterly, 2(2), Summer 2002, 9-38.

The Utter Normality Of Ethonationalism—Except For Whites VDARE, March 27, 2008.             

Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?  The Occidental Quarterly, 4(4), Winter, 2004-2005.

Why We Write. The Occidental Quarterly, 7(4), Winter, 2007-2008.

Eric P. Kaufmann's The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. The Occidental Observer, July 29, 2009.

American Transcendentalism: An indigenous culture of critique. The Occidental Quarterly 8, 91-106, Summer, 2008.

The Church and anti-Semitism — again. The Occidental Observer, February 2, 2009

What Makes Western Culture Unique? Occidental Quarterly, Vol. 2(2), Summer 2002: 9-38.

The Establishment and Maintenance of Socially Imposed Monogamy in Western Europe.  HTML File. Politics and the Life Sciences, 14, 3-23, 1995.

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Focusing on the Group: Further Issues Related to Western Monogamy. Politics and the Life Sciences, 14, 38-46, 1995. (This is my reply to the comments mentioned in the previous reference.)

Mechanisms of sexual egalitarianism in Western Europe. Ethology and Sociobiology, 11, 195–238, 1990.

Production, social controls and ideology: Toward a sociobiology of the phenotype. Journal of Social and Biological Structures, 6, 297–317, 1983.